5 PC Best Practices

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5 PC Best Practices Understanding the best practices for taking care of your PC will make it last longer and improve its overall performance.   One of the big problems that people face is that over the life of their PC, it slows down, which is frustrating and expensive to fix.   If you are struggling with a PC that used to work well but now is slow or having other issues, it may be time to consider finding a local computer repair service (like us) so you can boost the performance and save the cost of buying a new one. 1. Do Not Leave the System or Applications Running To keep your system running its best day to day, close all unused applications (especially your web browser). It is even better if you close everything down and perform a daily reboot. The reason for this is that the more applications you have open, the more PC memory is used. Once you get to a certain level of usage, your PC and applications will significantly slow down, causing you frustration! Web Browser Performance Issues: ....


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