How to Diagnose Laptop Motherboard Problems

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With a name like motherboard, it’s no surprise this component plays an important role in your laptop. As the central hub, it allows all the other components to communicate with one another, making it the backbone of your entire device. With such an essential role, it’s not surprising that a malfunctioning motherboard can cause significant problems. Diagnosing motherboard problems can be challenging because issues with it can manifest in a variety of other problems. Below, we’ll cover some common causes of motherboard problems, walk through troubleshooting steps to diagnose your issue, and offer some solutions. Symptoms of Motherboard Issues Because your motherboard is tied to so many pieces of your computer, issues with it can be hard to diagnose. Your processor, memory, hard drive, graphics card, and other peripherals all use it as a platform to communicate with one another. As a result, symptoms of motherboard failure can look like a variety of other issues. One common symptom is the laptop failing to turn on, even when plugged in and fully charged. Sometimes, a computer with motherboard issues will turn on but won’t fully boot up or will frequently freeze during use. Other signs include the laptop running slower than usual, unusual noises, or specific components, such as the keyboard or touchpad, not functioning correctly. Causes of Motherboard Failure A variety of culprits can cause motherboard failure, but power surges, overheating, and physical damage are common causes. Power surges can happen during thunderstorms or when you....


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