Why Upgrade to an SSD

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The more reliant we are on our desktop and laptop computers, the more data they will contain. To prevent data loss, you want to ensure that you’re storing your information on a reliable hard drive or storage device. Upgrading to an SSD has many benefits that improve your computer performance and secure your data. What is an SSD? An SSD or Solid State Drive is a type of hard drive that does not have any moving parts. “Similar to a flash drive, it is basically chips and circuits instead of spinning platters like a traditional hard drive,” says Emily Lugo, owner of our Greensboro Central location. SSDs can be used anywhere that a hard drive can be installed. How Is Upgrading to an SSD Beneficial? Upgrading from a Hard Disk Drive or HDD to an SSD can significantly improve your computer’s performance. Here’s why making the switch can be beneficial to your device: 1. SSDs Are Fast and Efficient SSDs are known for their efficiency. Every item of data can be accessed instantaneously. This is a result of how the drive operates. SSDs run on electrical circuitry rather than physical moving parts, so they’re much faster. Due to this, you won’t have to wait as long when you boot up, launch apps, download, or retrieve data. SSDs also extend your computer’s battery life because they use....


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