THROUPLE: see triad . Etymology: A neologism created by incorporating aˆ?coupleaˆ? and aˆ?threeaˆ?

UNICORN: Colloquial; Usage: In principal polyamory tradition, always utilized of a hypothetical lady who is prepared to date both people in an existing pair, consent not to have any interactions apart from those with the couple, consent not to ever getting sexually involved in one person in the couple unless additional member of the happy couple normally here, and/or consent to move in making use of couple. So-named because people prepared to agree to such preparations tend to be vanishingly uncommon, whereas people seeking a lady that will say yes to these terms are extremely typical. ( Notation: in swinging , a unicorn are, generally, a bisexual female who tries male/female couples for gender enjoy at swinger functions and in private, choosing to getting with both at the same time (MFF), but beholden to neither because relates to passionate or sexual fidelity. Provider: SpecialKs on

VEE: Colloquial A polyamorous commitment concerning three men, in which anyone try romantically or sexually a part of two partners who aren’t romantically or intimately associated with each other. Read in addition triad, pivot; Discover appropriate quad, N.

VETO: an union agreement, most commonly known in prescriptive primary/secondary interactions, which provides one individual the power to end another personaˆ™s added affairs, or perhaps in some instances to disallow some certain task, particularly some specific sexual or A«BDSMA» -related activity. A veto could be total, in which one companion may decline another partneraˆ™s additional connections unconditionally, or possibly conditional and used considerably in an effort to suggest a life threatening problem in a relationship. Discourse: not all the polyamorous recognize or permit veto power. Veto try common in primary/secondary union options, specifically in partnership configurations in which an existing pair was desire added couples. Veto is normally limited only to the primary partners, and a relationship which grants a veto capacity to a second mate is actually uncommon in intense.

WOMANISM, WOMANIST: From Alice Walkeraˆ™s Definition of a aˆ?Womanistaˆ? from looking for our very own Mothersaˆ™ Gardens: Womanist Prose copyright laws 1983.

1. From womanish . (Opp. of aˆ?girlish,aˆ? i.e. frivolous, irresponsible, perhaps not major.) A black feminist or feminist of colors. From black colored folk term of mothers to female young children, aˆ?you acting womanish,aˆ? for example., like a mousemingle quizzes female. Generally referring to extravagant, audacious, heroic or willful conduct. Wanting to know more and in higher range than represents aˆ?goodaˆ? for starters. Enthusiastic about grown-up doings. Operating grown up. Getting developed. Interchangeable with another black folk expression: aˆ?You wanting to become cultivated.aˆ? Liable. In charge. Major .2. Also: a female just who likes additional ladies, intimately and/or nonsexually. Appreciates and prefers womenaˆ™s culture, womenaˆ™s psychological flexibility (values rips as organic counterbalance of laughter), and womenaˆ™s power. Occasionally adore individual guys, intimately and/or nonsexually. Committed to success and wholeness of whole people, male and female. Maybe not a separatist, except regularly, for fitness. Generally a universalist, as in: aˆ?Mama, why are we brown, red, and yellowish, and our cousins become white, beige and black colored?aˆ? Ans. aˆ?Really, you are aware the colored competition can be like a flower outdoors, with every color flower symbolized.aˆ? Usually competent, as in: aˆ?Mama, Iaˆ™m walking to Canada and Iaˆ™m having both you and a lot of more slaves with me.aˆ? Respond back: aˆ?It wouldnaˆ™t become first time.aˆ?3. Really likes songs. Loves dance. Likes the moonlight. Likes the heart. Loves prefer and food and roundness. Really likes challenge. Really loves the people. Really likes herself. Irrespective. 4. Womanist is always to feminist as purple should lavender .

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