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Most of us have heard about online scams.  However, we aren’t always sure which actions could lead to stolen data or a compromised operating system.  DML Computer Repair, the best computer repair shop near me, offers these tips to identify and avoid online scams.  As the best computer repair shop near me, DML Computer Repair is the leading authority on compromised computers and stolen data. Online Scam #1 from the best computer repair shop near me:  Email Scams & Fake Websites According to the DML Computer Repair store near me, email scams have been occurring for decades.  An email telling you that you are a lottery winner or that your long-lost uncle left you a ton of money.  If you send your personal details, then they will “release” the money to you.  More recently, these email scams have developed into a more sinister trap.  Messages that seem to be from “Facebook” or some antivirus telling you that there is an error with the account.  Even worse?  When you click on the links inside the email, it looks legitimate!  There is an actual login area, and it all looks very official.  Unfortunately, it is not.  Far from it; these old “email scams” have grown into an entirely different problem. Computer Repair Recommendation The DML Computer Repair shop near me acknowledges that these scams are becoming more and more aggressive over time.  “The best way to avoid them is to not click on any links inside your emails” says DML....


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