Fix Asus Laptop Stuck On Logo Or Having Startup Problems2023

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Are you stuck with an ASUS laptop that won’t boot past the logo screen? Don’t panic! You can try these 7 ways to fix your boot loop. In this article, we’ll outline all the possible causes and solutions for when your ASUS laptop is stuck on the logo so you can get back up and running. Put your tech skills to the test and get ready to master troubleshooting a boot loop issue! Real User Scenario My client rang me up yesterday afternoon with the same issue. Just a tip – #4 below – fixed her problem. Hope that would be your case too! Key Takeaways ASUS laptop stuck on logo can be caused by recent installation of new hardware or software, outdated or tampered BIOS settings, or hardware issues. To fix the ASUS laptop stuck on the logo, you can try restarting in safe mode to troubleshoot and uninstall problematic software, resetting BIOS settings to factory defaults, restoring a previous version of Windows from the recovery disc, running the diagnostic tool from the boot menu, or wiping the hard drive and reinstalling Windows. You can boot the ASUS laptop to safe mode by using Advanced Startup Options (WinRE) or creating a bootable USB flash drive with a Windows ISO file. Additional troubleshooting steps for ASUS laptop boot issues include checking hard disk errors, repairing corrupt MBR, updating graphics card driver, disabling fast startup, performing system restore, troubleshooting ASUS....


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