HPlaptop stuck on HP screen loading screen

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Does your HP laptop keep you waiting on the loading screen longer than it should? We get it – such tech glitches can be nerve-wracking, especially when you need to hit that project deadline or catch up on your favourite series. User Case We were in Alphington yesterday to fix the same issue for a client whose HP laptop was stuck on an HP screen. I was there almost an hour to fix it, couldn’t so took it away! This morning #4 below was able to rectify her issue – back in business! Key Takeaways Excessive heat, viruses, hardware issues, BIOS errors, and graphics driver problems can cause an HP laptop to get stuck on the loading screen. To fix this issue, you can try removing all connected devices, performing a power reset, changing the battery, resetting the graphics driver, running hardware diagnostics tests, reseating the RAM, and restoring BIOS default settings. Performing a startup repair or system restore/reset and even reinstalling Windows are additional options. Reasons: There are several reasons why an HP laptop may get stuck on the loading screen, including overheating, virus attacks, hardware issues, BIOS errors, and graphics driver problems. 1. Hardware Issue A hardware issue can easily cause your HP laptop to be stuck on the loading screen. One clear culprit might be physical damage or component failure inside the machine. The hard drive, RAM, or CPU could have suffered a defect that prevented normal startup. ....


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