Lap top screen repair cost

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Is your laptop screen broken?  Do you need a lap top screen repair?  In different computer repair shops that perform screen repair Colorado Springs, the cost will vary.  Furthermore, the cost of a lap top screen repair can change due to several factors.  Lap top Screen Repair Cost Factor #1:   Size of the Screen Most laptops will have a screen size of 15.6”, which are typically the most reasonably priced.  However, there are also 14” and 17” laptop screens.  Additionally, these screens can cost more due to the “odd” size.  When purchasing a computer, it is best to purchase a 15.6” laptop screen, to keep the cost of screen replacement down.  Average sized laptop screens typically cost $150-$200. Lap top Screen Repair Cost Factor #2:   Touchscreen vs non-touchscreen It should go without saying that a touchscreen will be more expensive to replace.  In fact, this is due largely to the fact that touchscreens have more layers within the screen.  This means that it requires more parts to function properly.  Furthermore, when purchasing a computer, be sure to go for the non-touchscreen.  In the long-run this will save you money, especially if you ever need a laptop screen replacement.  Non-touchscreen laptop screens typically cost $150-$200.  On the other hand, touchscreen laptop screen replacements typically cost $200-$300. Lap top Screen Repair Cost Factor #3:   High Resolution Looking to buy a laptop with 4k resolution?  You may want to reconsider!  Higher resolution screens are typically more expensive to....


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