Tips to Make Your Laptop Computer Faster

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 The number one complaint at computer laptop repair shops in Colorado Springs is a slow computer.  In fact, a slow computer can cause all kinds of havoc during computer use, requiring computer laptop repair.  Experienced computer technicians have put together this list of tips to help make your computer faster. Computer Laptop Repair Tip #1:  Solid State Hard Drive According to the best computer laptop repair shop, the most effective and guaranteed way of making a computer faster is replacing a mechanical hard drive with an SSD.  As a matter of fact, 95% of people who switch to solid state drives see an increase in computer speed.  Furthermore, solid state technology is no longer more expensive than the old mechanical drives.  If you switch to a solid state drive, then you will definitely see better speeds in computer tasks.  For example, a computer with an SSD will start in 20 seconds, rather than 60 seconds.  Additionally, when you click on a program it will open in 1 second, not 2-4 seconds.  All in all, solid state drives are faster, more efficient, and less expensive to replace.  This is a computer repair service that most computer laptop repair shops offer.  If you need your hard drive replaced, then I recommend a local shop for computer laptop repair Colorado Springs. Computer Laptop Repair Tip #2:  Uninstall Programs According to the best computer laptop repair shop, uninstalling programs is important.  Although this may not sound important, uninstalling unnecessary programs can often....


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