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DML Laptop Repair tells us which laptops are best to use For those of you who don’t know, DML Computer Laptop Repair is the only PC repair shop near me that repairs gaming computers.  In fact, it is also owned by a family of avid gamers.  DML Computer Laptop Repair uses and repairs these laptops everyday with no issues.  The question the best laptop repair services will be answering today is, which laptops are best to use?  DML Computer Laptop Repair recommends the following laptops and offers Pros and Cons. DML Computer Repair’s recommend for which laptops are best to use: The best Laptop repair services shop recommendation #1 for best laptops to use: MacBook air 15 (2023) The MacBook Air 15 can be easily considered the best 15” computer of 2023. In fact, it also has a hefty BASE price tag of $1,100.  In essence, the basic models can be found for this amount, but the advanced models, with added bells and whistles will be more expensive.  This computer has a liquid retina display, making images on the screen crisper and clearer.  As a result, you can stream, zoom, or play games in 1080p.  I won’t even mention the awesome processing power of the M2Ultra or the new 6-speaker sound system that offers completely immersive spatial audio.  Unfortunately, I don’t recommend Apple products for gaming.  These products are geared more towards student, business, and everyday use.  On a side note:  Dear Apple, I’d love for....


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